Artist Suze Philips-Paton
This is the artist in me :) I was standing in front of my art exhibit being held at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. OMG I would never have believed I could do it...being asked to have my own solo exhibit in such a grand place...along with some very accomplished artists! Low and behold I reached a personal goal, and have never looked back! This business "Inner Voice" creative therapies was also my dream..i set about making it come true a year ago...and here we are!
You can reach your goals too :) I can help you!

Are you needing some help in any of these areas?

  • New job and career path
  • Divorced, and needing to re-define your life
  • Back to the workforce, and need help to gain confidence and find your niche
  • Parenting help with difficult children behaviors from tots to teens  I am an expert!!
  • Finding life balance and harmony in your life
  • Turning your hobby/passion into an income
  • Relationships
  • want to follow your inner voice but don't know where to begin
I also run weekend workshops/day workshops covering the what/how and why in creating a new and exciting life balance and reaching goals

Would now be a good time to phone me? :)

looking forward to hearing from you
phone or text Sue Philips on 0274 933 945

"If You don't change things, then nothing changes"

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