Under One tree
Hi beautiful you, my name is Sue, and it is so lovely that you have visited my site and I can let you know how I can help you achieve all those wonderful dreams that you have tucked up deep inside your head :)

I am a trained and certified life coach, a registered nurse and an artist. 
Wow, all those things...and not a mark on me !!LOL

Mind you...this didn't happen overnight but, like Pantene, it did happen!
I also raised five wonderful children, have 7 Grandies ( whom I adore), and help keep me young and running!

Life coaching/mentoring is all about helping you discover what it is that stops you from moving forward in your life, and how you can go forth on the journey of life to reach those goals. Not just reach...but exceed your personal dreams  and make them a reality in your life!
I use simple methods to balance your life, find your inner self, listen to your inner voice to create and live the life you love!

I combine a unique coaching approach using creative methods to define your aspirations and goals. Together we map out a way to achieve your goals, and create your future happiness. 


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